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Under the panel of GSC groups, we provide a unique platform that serves the students with a motive to reward the best in class education, by delivering a virtual point of convergence for the prime business consultants, top notch educators and service providers, willing to shell out any degree of updates and support to serve each other to any extent possible

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Global Study Centre

This is again a division of ESC focusing the recruitment activities for the English speaking countries on a global market.


UAN is a multi functional platform that can be used by any qualified professionals who wants to work as agents, educators and student who wants to pursue a path to success with education as a learning experience.


Global Study Solutions

GSS is not just another recruitment solution, but also a trusted organization for education marketing and employer branding. With quite an amiable approach we provide expert service to promote our partnering schools across India.

University Admissions

We have gradually created a global presence through our venture University Admissions in several countries to recruit potential students from Southern Europe and expand our activities of recruitment to other regions of Europe in the near future.

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Fostering a Global Culture to Recruit International Students

Making internationalization a true priority means taking a longer term, bigger picture view of its role in enhancing your institution. More and more universities are publicly declaring internationalization a key component of future success, embedded in strategic plans or elaborated upon in high level documents.

Feeling out Markets for International Student Recruitment

A good international student recruitment campaign begins with establishing and communicating clear goals for the number and types of students desired, leveraging enrollment data to forecast trends and develop realistic targets.

Search for International Student Recruitment

Recent data analysis shows a continuous increase in education-related search volumes, confirming that the student decision journey has indeed moved online. Non-branded search queries by prospective students uncertain of which school they wish to attend are rising at a faster rate.

Optimizing Your Website to Recruit International Students

One of the biggest challenges of internationalization is developing your website to appeal to multiple markets and languages. There are many ways you can design the international sections of your website, such as using a top level folder on the same domain as your other content, a sub-domain for specific languages, or developing a microsite for specific countries or regions.

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